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Tips For Keeping Your Leather Looking New

Tips For Keeping Your Leather Looking New
November 26, 2019 Sally King


So you have got the keys to your gorgeous Urban Mews home, and now the exciting part begins. Decorating your new home is a lot of fun; and although you want it to look fabulous, it is also important to make sure the decor and furniture you choose is durable. When it comes to furniture, you can’t go past leather for quality and looks. These are our tips for keeping your leather looking new.

What’s not to love about leather?
It looks amazing, feels fabulous and smells divine. Although it is more expensive when compared with other materials, it only takes a bit of love and care to ensure that it lasts a lifetime. So once you have purchased your leather lounge, how do you go about protecting your investment and keeping it in tip top condition?

Regular cleaning
As leather is a natural product, it needs to be kept clean to stay in pristine condition. A common and very costly mistake that people make with leather is attempting to clean it with normal household products! It is imperative that you always use products specifically made for leather – most come in the form of a spray. Spray first and then gently create a lather using your fingertips or a soft brush to remove any stubborn dirt or food spills. For best results, clean every 3 months.

Conditioning care
After cleaning, the leather needs to be moisturised, as it is prone to cracking and splitting if not cared for properly. Using a leather conditioner will ensure your luxurious (and most likely expensive) sofa or other leather product will stay as soft and comfortable as the day you first got it.

Gently vacuuming any sand or food crumbs from between the cushions is recommended. If left to build up, dirt can be very abrasive and will rub away at stitching and the surface of the leather causing major damage.

Beat It
Leather softens over time and the filling inside can shift and move around. To ensure they stay plump, give them a shake every few months; this will allow the filling to be distributed more evenly through the cushions.

Avoid sunlight
If you can, try and position any leather furniture or products, away from direct sunlight. Long hours of full sun will cause damage, and in Australia this is even more of an issue. Sunlight can cause colour to fade, and cause the leather to dry out. If your furniture is going to be near windows, get some blinds or shutters and try to keep the sun out as much as possible.

Avoid extreme heat
Positioning your leather sofa next to a heater or open fire during the colder months is not the best idea. Although you may love the warmth, your sofa will not. Very high temperatures can shrink leather and unfortunately this type of damage can’t be repaired – so don’t risk it.

Now that you are armed with the knowledge you need to help you to care for your leather, it is time to enjoy your purchase. Leather is not only durable, but is one of the most beautiful materials out there, so show it a little love and it will give you years of enjoyment.

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