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Living spaciously on a narrow lot

Living spaciously on a narrow lot
May 9, 2019 Sally King

Bigger than an apartment, easier than a standard home

If you have made the decision to build on a narrow lot, it’s a good idea to do your research into the best ways to create a home with enough space to suit your needs that also looks and feels spacious.

The best way to increase your living space is to go up! Putting a townhouse on a narrow lot is ideal. There are multiple tips for using your space wisely.

Use Natural Light to your advantage

Introducing natural light into your home is the perfect way to ensure it has an airy and open feeling. Make sure to consider the orientation of your block when choosing your home design and use well placed windows and glass doors. Mirrors are also handy as they reflect the light flowing into a room.

Open Plan Living

Avoiding lots of smaller rooms and picking an open plan layout is going to give your home the feeling of being bigger than it actually is. Creating multi-purpose areas is one way to go, for example, incorporating the kitchen, dining, and living in one larger space, rather than 3 smaller rooms. You can still define each area with some clever design tricks, such as using furniture, shelving, rugs, plants or room dividers.

High ceilings and a light colour scheme

Choosing high ceilings is great for giving the illusion of more space as it allows for bigger windows, which let more light come through and can be visually more appealing.

Keeping your colour palette light is also beneficial. Dark walls just make everything feel more enclosed. If you are partial to colour then try keep it to a feature wall, or add pops of colour with furniture, home decor and art.

Maximise storage wherever possible

There are lots of ways to incorporate storage into your home without taking up valuable space. Built in wardrobes or linen cupboards are top of the list but furniture that is multifunctional is also a great option. Beds with drawers or gas lift bases (perfect for storing all your extra quilts, pillows and sheets) and tables or ottomans that have storage work well in providing extra storage space.

Don’t forget to utilise wall space (right up to the ceiling) and use any dead space under the stairs. Enlisting the services of a cabinet maker to custom build storage in tricky spaces is one way to make sure every inch is taken advantage of.

Bring the outdoors In

Designing your home to make the living areas easily flow into the outdoors gives the sense of it being one big living space. Sliding glass doors ensure a seamless flow between inside and out, and also allow the natural light to flow in. Adding a balcony upstairs also adds extra living space, looks great and enables you to take in any views.

Overall it is possible to live in a townhouse and still have enough storage to accommodate your needs. Browse furniture stores, take your house plans to a cabinet maker, visit display homes and chat to your Urban Mews townhouse specialist. Planning ahead will ensure that your home will be practical and fully functional for years to come!

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