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How to Make The Most of a Small Yard

How to Make The Most of a Small Yard
July 1, 2019 Sally King

Townhouse Living Tips

Australia’s population is growing and property sizes are shrinking. As a result, townhouses and apartments are becoming extremely popular. Huge backyards are no longer the norm, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are some great visual tricks that can be used to make the area look bigger than it is. Small gardens can also have just as much functionality and visual appeal as a larger yard would. The key to making it work is to have a plan, maximise space and make a priority list.


Begin by writing down your needs and wants. At the top of your list, put your must haves- the things you need in your yard in order for it to be functional. Do you have children and pets? Will you be wanting a lawned area for them? Even seating and a BBQ can be classed as must haves if being able to use your outdoor area to entertain is a top priority. After listing all of your needs, you can then list down your wants. A small pool, spa, water feature- anything you would want in your dream backyard.

Create a focal point

All yards, whether they are small or large need a focal point. There are so many options to choose from:

  • Water feature
  • Stunning views
  • A sculpture
  • Pretty garden beds
  • A fire pit

The list goes on. It’s recommended that you choose the focal point first, and then landscape around it. This will ensure greater flow and will bring the whole design together.

Add colour and texture

It may seem like a challenge to create a usable and attractive space in a smaller yard, but there are certain tricks that will help. Adding texture and colour will not only look good, but will also make the area appear larger. This can be done by planting colourful flowers, utilising some funky outdoor furniture or displaying some art around your gardens. They sky’s the limit with this one!

Avoid clutter

Cluttered areas don’t look as inviting and in an area that is already short on space, keeping the look streamlined is best. Try and keep kids/pet toys stored away, even in a storage bench. Making use of any areas down the side of the house is also an idea, a small shed is great for keeping tools hidden, but still easily accessible when needed.

Get creative with plants

When it comes to adding greenery to your small yard, potted plants and container gardens are the perfect solution. The flexibility of being able to move them when needed is a big advantage. To maximize space even more, use hanging baskets or install vertical gardens on fences or walls.

Landscape in layers

Creating layers in your yard gives the illusion of more space. Add levels using raised garden beds, a sunken area with seating, or an elevated timber deck.

Separate Zones

It may seem strange to make separate zones in a small yard but it is a clever trick that actually works. Creating individual nooks and spaces entices people to want to explore further. Breaking up the different areas using a mix of surfaces (such as pavers, artificial grass, decking or stones), also gives the impression that the yard is bigger than it actually is.

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