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Getting Your Cabinets Right In Your New Kitchen

Getting Your Cabinets Right In Your New Kitchen
February 19, 2020 Sally King

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Taking the time to properly plan your new kitchen, will ensure you end up with a space that not only looks amazing, but is highly functional. You don’t want to fall into the trap of just focusing on getting an Instagram worthy kitchen, only to find it just isn’t practical. The kitchen is usually the hub of the home, and you need to do your research to get it right. Probably the most important addition to your kitchen will be cabinets, and the positioning and style of them can make or break the whole design of a kitchen

Unfortunately kitchens are known for having clutter, but unlike other rooms in your home, kitchen clutter is usually things that you actually need. There are so many utensils and appliances in modern kitchens, making sure everything has a place is essential.

These Are Our Best Tips For Ensuring Your Cabinets Work Best For Your Space;

What Goes Where?

The best way to start designing your dream kitchen, is to list down what you will have in your kitchen. You don’t want to walk into your new kitchen, only to find the expensive coffee machine that you can’t live without doesn’t have a space. Careful planning is the only way to avoid any disasters, so really do your homework. Once you have a basic inventory of what you will want to store in your kitchen, you need to try and figure out how many cabinets you require, and where you want them positioned. Visiting display homes is a good way to help you visualise the size of the cabinets your new kitchen will have, and also to see how they are positioned.

Colour Choices For Your Cabinets

There are a variety of colours you can choose for the doors and handles of your cabinets, your builder will be able to show you your options. Make sure your kitchen is styled to flow with the other living areas of your home, keeping some kind of consistency will tie the whole house in nicely.

Tips For Ensuring Your Cabinets Are Functional And Stylish

  • If you have enough in your budget, try and get a mix of different sized cupboards.
  • If you are storing cleaning products in under sink cabinets, ensure they are lockable to prevent children from accessing dangerous substances.
  • Make sure you have a cabinet where you can keep your bin hidden out of sight.
  • To get extra storage space, consider installing some shallow cabinets. They are great for small items like spices, and small kitchen gadgets.
  • If you are wanting an ultra modern kitchen with clean lines, then flat fronted cabinet doors are the way to go. Choose push-to-open fittings for a handle free look.

Urban Mews is THE builder for affordable two storey homes in Perth. Visit any of our conveniently located display homes, and talk to one of our friendly consultants today about building your dream home.

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