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Energy Saving Home Cooling Ideas

Energy Saving Home Cooling Ideas
December 4, 2019 Sally King

home cooling

So, What Are The Best Tips And Ideas When It Comes To Home Cooling?

The temperature is rising in Perth as the Summer months approach, so it’s time to start thinking about cooling your home. Running your air conditioner 24/7 is tempting on super hot days, but there are ways to keep your cool while saving some money. The following are some ideas on how to cool your home without using ridiculous amounts of power, and some helpful tips for getting the most out of your air conditioning.

Do I Really Need My Air conditioner on?

During the warmer months it becomes almost second nature to switch on your aircon, so stop and think…do we really need air conditioning today? On cooler days you may be able to get away with just using ceiling or pedestal fans, using fans instead of aircon can cost 10 times less.

Air Conditioner Unit Maintenance

As Summer approaches, have your air conditioning unit serviced. A unit that has newly cleaned filters is much more efficient in home cooling.

Temperature Settings

When you are using your air conditioner, have it set to between 24 – 25 degrees. Dropping the temperature by just 1 or 2 degrees will mean your unit will be using more power, which will lead to higher power bills.

Get Cooling Early

If the weather is forecast to be particularly warm, put your air conditioner on in the morning. Waiting for the house to get hot will mean your air conditioner will have to work extra hard to cool your house down, this will increase energy use considerably.

Turn Off When No-one Is Home

If you aren’t home for long periods of time, it is best to turn your aircon off. Most new aircon systems have the ability to set a timer for when you want it to come on, and some can be controlled by an app on your phone. Switching your aircon on 30 minutes before you arrive home, rather than running it all day will save you massively.

Window Coverings

So much heat is drawn in through the windows, covering your windows both inside and outside will have a huge impact on the temperature inside your home. External and internal blinds or shutters, or curtains are all great options. Double glazing or window tint will also help in home cooling.


Add insulation to your list of must haves in your new home. The difference will be immediate, and it is also one of the most cost effective ways to regulate the internal temperature of your home.

Cool Off

Keeping yourself cool in other ways besides sitting underneath the air conditioning vents is recommended, and it’s cheap. Have a cool shower, or if you are lucky enough to have a pool, take a refreshing dip.

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