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Creating A Cozy Bedroom | Urban Mews Tips

Creating A Cozy Bedroom | Urban Mews Tips
August 22, 2019 Sally King

During winter there is one room in your house that has to be cozy and warm- your bedroom. It’s the place you should wish you were when the temperatures outside plummet. Whether you love to curl up with a good book, or look forward to snuggling down after a long day, it needs to be ultra comfortable. And look amazing. So, what is the best way of creating a cozy bedroom? Here are our best tips below;

What Are The Best Ways On Creating A Cozy Bedroom?

Whether you live in an apartment, townhouse or large family home, when the colder months are amongst us, there’s nothing better than nestling up in a nice cozy bedroom! But you don’t have to spend several hours and big money on creating that perfect space. Using our simple tips below will take you from freezing zero to warm hero in no time!

Bedding – New bedding is the perfect way to transform the look and feel of your room. The colours and prints you choose are dependent on your own personal taste, but if you want a luxuriously warm feel, then deep shades are the way to go. Think blush pink, deep purple, maroon, dark teal or green… all perfect for creating a modern, inviting room. Make sure your quilt is suited to lower temperatures. The quilt you use during the summer months may not be warm enough for winter.

Textures – Texture is so important when it comes to creating a luxe feel. Adding fluffy or velvet cushions, quilts with tassels, pom pom throws or waffle blankets are just some of the ways to get more texture into the room. Natural fibres such as wool, silk, cotton and linen will finish off the look perfectly.

Layering – This is pretty self-explanatory. Just as you would dress in layers in the cooler weather, your bed needs the same treatment. Freezing nights call for multiple layers- sheets, quilts and coverlets are a great start. Add in a mix of cushions and a large, chunky throw for perfect styling and warmth. If you really want to up the luxury, invest in an electric blanket or heated throw.

Flooring – If you don’t have carpet, then putting your feet on the floor on a cold morning is not going to be pleasant. Rugs will be your best friend during winter, the thicker the better. You can match your rug in with the rooms colour palette, or mix it up and make a bold statement.

Window coverings – Shutting the blinds or curtains on your windows before the outside temperatures really drop, is essential to keeping heat in and cold air out. Make sure there are no cracks or gaps around the window frames, the tiniest opening is enough to let in cold air and any heat will easily escape.

Lighting – Although lights can’t actually warm your room, there is no denying that ambient lighting can make a room look warm and welcoming. Stay away from fluorescent white looking lights, go for warmer looking colours. Make sure any lamps in the room are not too bright and avoid using candles in bedrooms, as the risks of a fire are too great.

Making a mood board is a great way to bring together your ideas, helping you decide what you do and don’t want when creating a cozy bedroom. Browse Pinterest for ideas and search interior design websites and magazines.

Urban Mews is a 2 Storey Builder in Perth that specialises in townhouse designs. Visit our display homes for inspiration and come and chat with us about getting your dream home started today!

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