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Clever Ideas for the space under your stairs

Clever Ideas for the space under your stairs
June 18, 2019 Sally King

Are you wondering what to do with the wasted space under your stairs?

You’ll be happy to know there are plenty of uses. What you ultimately choose will depend on the space available, your personal needs and of course, your style. If you are wanting some great inspiration on how to make good use of this space then read on.

Extra Pantry Storage

If your stairs are close to the kitchen then converting the unused space by incorporating custom built shelves, drawers and cupboards is a brilliant idea. After all, you can never have too much storage! Being able to use space that may otherwise have been wasted is great solution for those without much pantry space.

Bags, coats and shoes

Creating storage under your stairs is a clever way to declutter your home. One of the biggest challenges people often face is where to keep bags, coats and shoes that are usually just dumped at the front door. Families with children will know the struggle of trying to store school bags- it’s an absolute nightmare! Having a designated space will definitely help in the battle against clutter.

Study Nook

Utilising the space under your stairs is a great way to achieve a small office or study nook, especially if space is limited. A cabinet maker will be able to tailor make a desk and shelving to fit the area perfectly, or you can measure up and pick your own furniture to suit.

Decorative Shelving

Keep it simple. Add some shelving and use them to display your artwork, favourite decorative pieces, photo frames and trinkets. Use your creativity and make the whole space a talking point. Just be sure to try and tie it all in with the overall theme of your home.

Wine Storage Rack

Trying to work out where to display your collection of wine (or your future collection) can be a challenge. The area under your stairs lends itself perfectly to this purpose, and it will not only look amazing but is functional too.

Seating area for reading

Many people have the problem of owning too many books and having nowhere to store them. Building a gorgeous reading nook and adding bookshelves is something to consider. You can choose to have open shelving, making your books part of the decor, or hide them away behind closed doors for a more streamlined look. Add a lamp, some plush pillows and a gorgeous throw, and you not only have a practical and creative solution for keeping your books tidy but also a cozy spot that any bookworm will love.

A pet hideaway

The space under your stairs can make a cute hideout for your furbaby. Pet lovers will agree that our pets are a part of the family. Giving them their own space, tucked away from the rest of the house, seems only fair. It also provides a spot for you to keep all the paraphernalia that comes with owning a pet, including their bed and toys. Make it extra comfy with carpeted floors, rugs, cushions, and blankets.

Hanging bike storage

If you are an avid cyclist then you may feel that your bike deserves a spot in your home. Hanging your bike under the staircase means your pride and joy is not only safely stored, but can also become a piece of art and an amazing talking point.

When it comes to deciding what you wish to use the space under your staircase for, thinking outside the box is highly recommended. The ideas listed here are just the beginning, there are so many options. Try and think what will suit your lifestyle and the look of your home and start from there.

Visiting our display homes to see how our townhouse designs are laid out will give you a better insight into how much space will be available to you, and where the stairs will be situated. Urban

Mews has an incredible selection of two storey house and land packages available across Perth, so if you’ve been considering making the change to townhouse living, contact us today!

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